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Nov 12, 2018

Hands up if you would like to be the owner of a brand that has grown so fast that in less than 3 years, that its gone from zero to turning over millions of pounds?

What about if you could take that brand into huge partnerships with some of the most sought after retailers in the UK? And what about if you could, say, have fans for your brand including Kylie Jenner, the whole love island cast and 342k of them on instagram.

Have you got your hand raised?

The Gypsy Shrine is the brand that has managed to do all of the above, like I said, in just three short years. The Gypsy Shrine is a creative cosmetic brand. They make face glitter, body jewels, glitter bums, glitter boobs, basically everything glitter and are adding to their products all the time as we discuss later.

I spoke with Jenna Meek, founder of the Gypsy Shrine and discussed the fascinating story how she and her, now growing team have managed to get into places the quite frankly, most startups would only dream about.

You’re of course listening to Life Design Diaries. I’m Ross Menghini and in typical fashion for this podcast, we’re not going to focus just on the sparkle, but dig deeper, into what its REALLY like to be the founder of such a business. 

Jenna shared so much good stuff in this talk and I’m also honoured as this is Jenna’s first podcast interview, and so… you heard it here first, Jenna Meek of the Gypsy shrine .



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Lucy & Ross Menghini